Jackie Vanderbeck DiSalvo - We met through my husband Mike and I later became babysitter to Tate and Zoe until we moved away.

I met Karen Walsh at a bar on 9th Avenue after she and Mike had been readers together that day. Mike and I had just started dating so I was relieved to learn that this stunning, funny, intelligent, talented woman was married. Later, Karen became my monologue/audition coach and I became her babysitter.
She inspired me as a woman with young children who was also passionate about her work as an artist. She could acknowledge how difficult the balance was but you'd never know it by the look on her face, as she conquered it all in her high top platform sneakers.
Her legacy as a cancer fighter: full of grace, humor, love, courage, and compassion to bring awareness to help others, will stay with me, our community and beyond. To me, Karen is the real Wonder Woman.