Margaret Cunha - Karen and I grew up together (earliest years).

These last days I have felt a deep sense of loss and a of heartbreak for people I have known my whole life. I was a baby when my brother began playing with Karen regularly. My mom has said that my brother always wanted to play with Karen, not anyone else (for maybe his years from 3 to 7 or 8).

I was lucky enough to be part of the group of Karen, Matt, Mike and my brother as I grew up. Lucky most especially because I learned at an early age how a girl can be powerful, smart, funny, unpredictable, spontaneous, and always loving. And Karen was loved by my brother and I for it. I remember feeling protected by her, and also this incredible admiration. She could do and say anything. She was incredibly fun to watch, which I did a lot of. I so wished that she was more my friend than my brother's...

However, I am so happy for my brother. I am so incredibly happy for him that he had this amazing friend nearly HIS whole life. I am so grateful for Karen's friendship for my brother. I think he learned so much from being her friend. And I am just honored to have continued to stay in her circle to this day.

To Ann, Bob, Matt, and Mike - I love you all. My memories of being in your home when I was small are wonderful. I felt loved and cared for by all of you. And we laughed a lot. Your family has the best collection of laughs. We laughed often. You all taught me something about the power of laughter.

I may not have a funny story to tell but know that my strongest memory of our families being together is this collective memory of many, many moments of laughter. Missing you all right now. My love to all of you.