Liza Skinner - We went to high school together - did shows together and I did date Mike for a bit- so I had many times at the Walsh house.

Karen was pure joy and I will never forget her smile or fantastic laugh. Or the way she sang "What's the Use of Wondering" As Julie Jordan in our high school musical,Carousel.

This was my Facebook post about Karen. Bob was kind enough to ask me to include it here. 

Everyone has people in their life that they may have lost touch with or really only know them via facebook these days. 
I have many people that fall under that category. I am sad that I have lost touch with them but so so grateful that via Facebook I get to see glimpses of their lives- their life events, kids, food, or just the thoughts they want to share that day, that moment. 
I love that. I am cheering you on via facebook and in my thoughts and heart. Because if you know me, or have ever known me, I hope you know you are forever in my heart. Forever. Every moment we spent together be it one of my best or not- I am grateful for it. Grateful for you.

Also throughout one's life you find people that just make you smile, and show you what joy, kindness, and friendship are all about. That no matter the last time you saw them, spoke with them, just the thought of them leaves you warm and fuzzy inside. You just have to smile. They make life better
Mr. Rogers would call them "helpers", I think.
Well, the world lost one of those special helpers a few days ago.

Her name was Karen Walsh. She was a joy and light in this world. She was a wife, mom, daughter, sister, Broadway actress, and a great advocate for getting people to get screened for colon cancer. She documented her chemo sessions with fantastic photos that inspired us all and raised awareness.

I hadn't spoken to her in years but I with every Facebook post of hers I read, I felt that connection that started in high school, where we met. We performed together in the school plays and musicals. I spent a good amount of time with her and her family over my high school years. Their home was a favorite hang out spot for all the Walsh kid's friends. It was a home full of laughter, kindness and joy.

Over the years, we kept in touch and she vouched for me and got me a spot to audition for UNC at Chapel Hill, her alma mater.
Then she came and brought people to my graduate showcase. Our last time meeting was about 8 years ago. We grabbed lunch around Times Square while she was understudying on Broadway. She took me backstage and showed me around a bit.
It was awesome.

You see that was Karen- it didn't matter how long it had been since you had seen her she was would just open up her heart, home, or current theater and bring you around to meet people and make you feel wonderful the whole time. She did it all with such joy, grace and kindness. There is that warm fuzzy feeling I mentioned earlier. I can't help but feel it when I think of her. It is that feeling she gave to us all, that we will carry around forever. I hope to share it with the world. She gave me, us, that. She made and makes me want to be a better person. I can only hope to have the courage, honesty, joy, humor, presence she had. It has changed me forever.  

So with her departure, this loss is felt deeply by so many.  
We lost a true helper, true talent, and true friend. And I can only imagine the loss felt by her family and close friends.  
I offer my deepest condolences. You are in my thoughts and prayers. And I know words are inadequate but I just wanted you to know that knowing Karen was a great blessing for so many.  
She changed the world and made it a better place. 
I am forever grateful. 

I am will post the link to donate to her fund. It will help cover the costs of her medical bills that were not covered by insurance and help her family.

Thanks for reading this. Today hug your loved ones and as Karen told us all, check your bum!