Jessica Mazo O'Brien - Met her through Suzie Guillette

I am so incredibly sorry to hear about Karen. Todd - I had met you and Karen several times through Suzie around 2006/2007. You are two of the warmest people I have ever met. I was an aspiring actress myself back then and I was so inspired by Karen's talent and success. I remember Suzie calling me when Karen got the part in Suddenly Last Summer. We were so happy and excited for Karen. I remember Suzie and I driving out to see her star as Sally Bowles in Cabaret. It was such an amazing performance. I remember saying to Suzie afterwards, "I thought she said she didn't dance! She was amazing!!" 

I also remember you letting Suzie and I use your midtown apartment to get ready for a gala (for the non-profit we worked at) and I had forgotten a scarf (I think it was a scarf) there. Karen used it a lot until she returned it to me through Suzie and when I saw her at one of Suzie's parties she told me she missed it. I thought that was funny. I should have let her keep it! 

I will remember Karen and family in my thoughts always. xo