Meg McQuillan - We waited tables together when we were first starting out in NYC, then remained friends as we both pursued our acting careers and had families.

This story came to me from a mutual co-worker from L'Impero. I had encouraged him to post it, but it's been months and I love the story so much, so I decided to submit it. His name is Mark McElligott and he was the maitre'd. 

Here is a memory of her that I will remember:

On a break at L'Impero Karen caught me in the park across the street. She
could tell I was upset.

Karen: Mark, are you ok?

We talked for a bit... I was upset about a relationship or something....

Karen: "You know Mark, you have to live your life to the edge. Tell him how you feel, then move on. 
You have to push everything in your life to the edge. Your relationships and your work."

I remember this so clearly...great, wise advice and I really did not know her that well, which is the amazing aspect of this.

Last I saw her was a performance on Broadway...we had a drink afterwards. It is a nice way to remember her.