Allison Ratwik - I knew Karen before.....before others new she was great. But not before Todd knew she was great. Or her family.....

OK - so maybe a lot of people knew Karen was great by the time I knew her. But I like to think I was there at the ground floor. In actuality, I was maybe there on the 5th floor......or the 8th floor of her greatness.  

Karen and I worked together. Back when she worked in an office. Even so - she still stood out. Creative. Karen was our art buyer. OK - she was our assistant art buyer. And she rocked. She expanded the rest of our 20-something minds with exhibits - - like this one at Alcatraz. That's where I met Todd. We all went to a preview at night at Alcattraz. It was incredible and a moment I will never forget.  

I got to see her first act while we were in San Francisco, too. How did she have the time??

Fast forward. I was applying to business school there and trying to pitch myself to UNC. She was studying, performing with Tandy Cronyn and the 'Laramie Project'. Maybe we just say she was more successful than I was.  

Then - New York. Karen had Zoe, I had Walter. I took a cab across stuck in traffic underestimating the time ....but finally made it to this little wine bar and met Karen to talk about nothing in particular. Family, work, stuff.

Summary: Karen made little moments - unsubstantial moments - seem substantial. I loved and remember each one.  

Zoe and Tate, I'm sorry you didn't have more moments. You were robbed. You should've had more of them. The good news is that since each one with your Mom was so great -- you're way ahead of the rest of us. I hope for you that these stories of your mom (even those like this without much substance) give you something. A reminder. Such. A. Rockstar.

And she loved you more than anything. Your dad, too.

And now the rest of us, with our grief and love for your mom get to turn that love to you. We are in your corner. We are rooting for you. That you take this crappy thing that has happened to you and be as awesome as she was.