Richard Willett - We met when she was in my play THE FLID SHOW in New York.

Actress Karen Walsh was so good in my play THE FLID SHOW I kept forgetting she was American. To me she was always my Brit Brenda, the flashy dresser. On the last night of the run, she fought her way across a crowded barroom at Druids to grab my arm before I left and make sure I knew how much she had appreciated my work as producer and playwright. When I reminded her about this later, she didn't remember doing it. I suspect I am not the only one with an unforgettable Karen memory that to her was "nothing." Her struggle with colon cancer followed so close on the heels of my brother's struggle with the same disease that, in the toughest of life lessons, they seemed all at once to become a team of my most extraordinary and humbling teachers. God bless Karen and her beautiful family and all those friends like me on whom she left an indelible impression.